Free PowerPoint Background Images



Aqua Powerpoint BackgroundGreen backgroundBrick background
blue backgroundpurple backgroundPlease enjoy the new brick background image. Click on the tile above for a better look! A brick wall image!
brown backgroundred backgroundSome of the colored backgrounds have a texture that resembles a stucco wall. Free PPT templates!
Cloud imagecloud backgroundWe offer a couple of nice new cloud images for your powerpoint presentation. These would be good for business, aspiration, or inspiration themes. Nice views of the sky! Great PPT photos! Scroll down for more images and panels.
Dark blue Power point background with  modern curvesfree background: blue sky with cloudsHere's a big, deep blue sky with puffy cumulus clouds! A great image for your Christian or inspirational Power Point presentations.
Green Power Point BackgroundPink Power Point BackgroundGold Power Point Background; Yellow Background
Orange Power Point BackgroundPurple Power Point BackgroundPlease enjoy these modern backgrounds for your presentation. The yellow background looks like a gold template. Also find blue, green, pink, orange and purple backgrounds: all free!


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Professional writers sometimes make formal presentations. One of the most popular and accepted methods of visual presentation in a business setting involves the use of Power Point. Microsoft's program comes with many fine background images, but many business professionals are familiar with those visuals. Members of your audience will have a reason to be impressed if you present your ideas on an appealing and unique background.

Here are some free classy PowerPoint background images in blue, green, red, aqua, purple and brown. To save a file, simply click on the desired image. That action will pop up the larger version in a new browser. Right-click on the big version and select "Save Image As" from the menu. That action allows you to save the background on your computer. Please enjoy these free Power Point downloads!

These royalty free images may also be useful as Apple Keynote backgrounds, Final Cut Pro backgrounds, Adobe Premiere backgrounds, or as Pinnacle Liquid Pro backgrounds. They may also be handy for various multimedia projects, including church projects, school projects and scrapbooking projects. Please consider the free cloud templates for your worship themes, self-help themes and inspirational themes. These images should also be compatible with Google Presentation, an online presentation creator that is part of Google's Docs office suite.